is an online service that enables you to safely store, preview, share, search, spot and publish your video content.

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Who can benefit from is a compelling solution for all organisations that use, create or distribute video content.

Safely store your video content.

All the content is stored in two seperate data centres in the Netherlands. Should either of the two data centres go down, for whatever reason, all data will remain secure. Both data centres work independently, so even when we perform system maintenance, downtime will be extremely limited.

More than just video files. is primarily designed for video files. However, there are no restrictions, so if you want to add image or document files you are free to do so.

Preview all videos in your archive.

All videos are processed, which will generate a low-res preview video and some stills. These create an easily navigable overview of your entire archive, enabling you to view videos without retrieving them from storage first. You can also set start- and endpoints if you only want to use part(s) of the original video. This selection (or the entire video) can be delivered on (virtually) any internet connected environment in any video profile (encoding / bitrate).


When the video gets processed, all available metadata from the video file is extracted and saved. This will make your archive easily searchable, allowing you to quickly find specific videos. The user interface also enables you to categorize and manage all your videos, and allows you to add additional metadata of your own, further increasing the level of ease and usability of the video archive.

Ingest and publish video from or to your archive.

Deliver / retrieving / publish video from your archive If you want to retrieve a video or a part af your video, We can deliver it to all 'popular' storage locations (ftp, amazone s3, dropbox, googledrive, youtube).

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